Your Guide To Choose a Clothing Factory from Turkey!

If you are starting a clothing brand, the secret to standing out among millions of brands is to create unique, custom-made designs based on your creativity and with the touch of your nuance to make it phenomenal among the ocean of already existing masterpieces. Stitching plays a vital role in determining the success of any item in this ever-evolving fashion industry of fashion.

Suppose you are thinking of launching your private clothing brand with tailor-made designs, and accordingly you will need to work with clothing suppliers to get your imagination into a reality.

If you are looking to get your private label clothing manufactured in Turkey, consider many things while choosing a Turkish factory for your clothing brand.

Turkey has become one of the world-prime clothing and style supplier landing places since half of the century. Turkey's versatile culture and fashion is a perfect blend of Eastern Europe and Western Asia vogue, collecting the most incredible pieces from these two rich cultures together to create something sensational.

Additionally, Turkey is a classic option for stitching, dying, and other processing involved in clothing production. Most of Turkeys' economy is now based on the latest advanced technology for clothing production. Turkey has mega countries like Russia, North America, and Europe as notable clients. Due to its latest technology, they outsource their clothing production from Turkey for quick and state-of-the-art clothing production.

One of the most critical decisions in the apparel industry is choosing a factory to produce goods. This hunt requires you to determine which ones are the best from a pool of hundreds. Choosing a Turkish factory for your private label clothing will give you low costs and high-quality goods. 

Moreover, with the passion and hard work you have put behind creating your own unique and custom design, it's only reasonable to get your final product in the way you imagined it.

Many people get confused about how to start production with a Turkish factory. It can be overwhelming to find the right factory among so many available options. The following can be a guide for any clothing store to choose a Turkish factory for private label clothing production.

Steps to consider when buying from a Turkish manufacturer:


We have classified significant points before picking any Turkish apparel manufacturer for your desired designs production. These will help you save hours and hopefully tons of money. So, here are some essential tips to help you choose the right supplier for your product.

Quality of the fabrics you are planning to buy:

The quality of a Turkish products is always a concern for non-Turkish buyers. For example, if you are a buyer in Europe and want to outsource your production to Turkey, the question is where to find reliable and quality suppliers in Turkey. Many factories in Turkey can provide high-quality products at competitive prices. Quality of end product is though a noteworthy feature, but it is not the only measure to judge a manufacturer.

Production Process of The Turkish Manufacturer:

Due to the latest technologies, everything is turning into a digital mania; the same is the case with apparel manufacturers. The lengthy and laborious process of transferring any desired print or design into the final product has become very approachable with minimum human resources involved due to Turkey factories' advanced technologies. 

While hiring someone for your private brand, you should consider that their production process should be the latest with the necessary technologies. This feature will determine your final product value and cost. 

Legal Certification and Licenses of Turkish Factory:

In Turkey, there are many textile factories. It's a profitable business, and the textile industry grows day by day. But how do you choose which factory to work with for your clothing brand? A qualification program is something you should consider even before starting your hunt to find a suitable supplier. Choose wisely by checking the government documents of registration of the Turkish factory, check if they have gained any ISO certificates and if they are registered at the chamber of commerce. Ask for any legal authentication before hiring any manufacturer for your clothing brand, and you can also get approval by the Turkish embassy in your country if it is difficult for you to visit the site.

Budget Management for Long-term Contracts:

Starting any business requires much money. The most important thing to do when starting a fashion brand is to make sure that you know how much is the cost per unit price, add extra costs like shipping and customs to your product. Quantity is also important and it plays a big role in lowering the prices of your products, the more the quantity, the lower the cost. It is also good to negotiate prices of big quantities. Try to find the best tiers to make your products cost effective and accordingly to make it suitable for your clients.

Minimum Order Quantity:

Most people have a problem when outsourcing production is getting the right factory. They spend time and money interviewing potential suppliers, but it falls apart when they find out the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is more than their plans. Unfortunately, this isn't uncommon and many factories will require a significant commitment on your part before you can get started.

A high MOQ can be a deal-breaker for a business owner who is just getting started. In essence, secure that the minimum order quantity is workable to your business before finalizing any deal with clothing suppliers in Turkey.

Ask For a Sample From The Factory Before Placing an Order:

To make sure that the company you select to work with can make the clothing items you have in mind, ask them to send samples. That will help you decide whether or not they are the right company for your business. Asking for product samples is a communication tool that helps businesses connect with potential clients and ultimately determine if they are a good fit.

Even if it is a paid sample, it is essential and can tell you several things about the quality, measurements, colors and finishing of the products. You still can change and edit the product before you place a big order. 

We at Allegro Styles produce samples and help client select the right fabric and the suitable colors

If you are working with a factory that does not offer samples, ask for small order quantities. That way, if you aren't satisfied with their product at all, you won't have wasted a lot of time or money.


In a nutshell, if you are searching for a private clothing label manufacturer in Turkey. You should evaluate your needs and make sure to break down all of your expenses, including customs, shipping, labor costs, marketing and advertising costs, and other fixed and variable fees, before going with a new private brand of Turkish products.

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