The Classiest Shopping Malls in Istanbul


Most of us think that
doing shopping is tedious and we complain about our shortage of time and how
shopping malls are crowded. Nowadays, shopping malls are everywhere and not for
only doing shopping, but also eating and drinking or doing some other

In Istanbul, one of the
biggest cities all around the world, there are a great number of shopping malls
which are classy and you can have a great time!

First one is Forum
Istanbul, the biggest shopping mall in Turkey and one of the biggest ones in
Europe and located in Bayrampaşa. It has many cafes, restaurants and any other
places of entertainment besides loads of stores. It has Ikea and Decathlon
besides many high class brands and stores. Also, there is a car park area with
the capacity of 5000 cars.

Second is Zorlu Center,
located in Beşiktaş. It also has many places for having great time! It has a
connection of subway and if you come with your own car, it has valets for you
not to wait too much for parking. Zorlu Center has the only official Appstore
in Europe part of Istanbul. You can also find many  international restaurants, having the far east
foods like sushi and other kind of meats in there.

Istinye Park, in
Sarıyer, is also one of the classiest shopping malls since it has almost
all  high class brands. In addition,
there are many international brands such as Benetton, Beymen, Biella, Calvin
Clein, Burberry, Channel, Moschino, Versace. There are also many alternatives
to eat delicious foods in both Turkish and international restaurants.

Fourth one is Cevahir,
in Şişli which has easy transportation ways for subway, buses and a large car
park for you. Since it is one of the biggest and classiest shopping malls, it
attracts many tourists and that’s why Cevahir is usually crowded. There are two
theatre halls and cinema. It has almost all high class brands, so you will
never say you cannot find anything you are looking for!

Another great shopping
mall is Kanyon in Levent. It offers fresh air while you are doing shopping or
eating & drinking. There are 2 Starbucks in there and it also has markets
which sell organic foods, costly though. In addition to high class brands, it
also has bookstores such as D&R for the book lovers! And, I advise you to
have some hot chocolate in Plus Kitchen.

If you are in Istanbul
and search for a classy shopping mall, these are only a few but most well-known
ones. These shopping malls commonly include international restaurants such as
European, Far east and so on. You will not regret being in these places.

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