One of my greatest joys of being a turkey citizen because I
explore new cuisines each and every day and Turkish food holds some of the most
incredible tastes in the world. While there are plenty of recognizable home
favorites, like sis kebap (skewered lamb), baklava, and rice pilav.

I always start off my morning with some menemen, hot
scrambled eggs with vegetables, or borek, a savory flaky pastry filled with
things like cheese and vegetables. One of my favorite Turkish food dishes is Menemen, a scrumptious mixture of onions, peppers, tomatoes, and eggs. the good thing about Menemen is that it's one among those dishes that you simply can suit your own taste and add bacon, spices, potatoes, etc, very similar to an English bubble and squeak. Read more here...

For lunch, I like to grab some doner and dolma, slow-cooked meat sandwiches and rice-stuffed vegetables on the go. See how it looks here...

dinner, I will check out some Turkish staples like kofte meatballs, and follow
them up with some delicious, sweet lokum – also known as Turkish Delight candy!

I'm a big fan of Iskender kebab, which a lamb kabab served
with yogurt, tomato sauce, and butter

Spices of many varieties play a huge role in Turkish
cuisine, as evidenced by the fact that Istanbul has a massive Spice Bazaar, the
second largest shopping center in the city.

It's surprising how Turkish food is not the most popular
food in the world. Most dishes are simple and convenient yet insanely

Everything from the snacks to meals to desserts tastes like
it was made for angels. I spent most of my time in Istanbul looking for
different food dishes and savoring them thoroughly.

I also really really like pide! It is similar to a pizza and
you can buy them from street vendors in Turkey.

I make my own and although they are not as authentic as the
real thing, you get an idea!

plus Turkish tea and coffee, both of which are served in
very small cups but are very tasty.

If you have one last wish, make sure it's Turkish food!

I always enjoy and eat Turkish food, because you can always
trust it!.

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